The Focus Factor

The Focus Factor

Why Choose Us?


Customized Solutions

Tailored packages for personalized travelling needs

Your choice matters. We insist on designing customized solutions based on individual your requirements. Focus World Tours offers a wide range of options to pick from. You can select your choice of airlines, hotels, meals as well as sightseeing. Your wish is our command.


Experienced Team

Experts who know the art of designing perfect tour packages

We are here to help you. We have a team of industry’s best professionals who excel at the art of curating perfectly planned trips. We take notes when you describe your needs and present you with the most feasible package.

Global Reach

We are local in almost every city of the world

We are local in almost every city in the world. We have well-established connections to host you wherever you plan to travel. We work in collaboration with reputed foreign organisations to ensure the quality and safety of our clients.

Exhibition Industry Legacy

Insights that can make you work and network better

Focus Design – our sister firm is a one-stop solution provider for exhibitions and trade fairs including stall designing, fabrication and logistics. It has carved a niche for itself in the exhibition industry which becomes an added advantage for Focus World Tours while trade tours around the world.

Transparent Operations

Every transaction verified, every deal sealed with guarantee

We take each project personally. We aim to curate unmatched experiences that will serve as a lifetime memory for our clients. We believe in operational transparency to build long-lasting relations with our clients. Hence, we involve our clients at every stage of the process to keep their trust. Plus, it helps us enable a hassle-free handling of the case.

Value Added Services

We serve beyond duty & not remain limited to tours only

We work beyond departure to return services. We offer a wide range of options in every facet of your travel planning- choice of airlines, hotels, food and sightseeing. We a strong network of hoteliers in various countries. We go the extra mile to accommodate our clients with the best of our services. Moreover, our customer care executives stay online to help you through your journey.
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